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Nando Loco is a company founded by Felipe Escobar. The name "Nando Loco" comes from grandpa Escobar, formally known as Hernando Escobar. Hernando Escobar was the man who brought the family together. For Nando Loco, the goal is to bring the world together one step at a time. In his youth, grandpa Escobar was known as Loco Escobar. Without knowing about his grandpa's nickname, Felipe's friends would call him Loco as they thought it suited him well. With this connection to Hernando, "Nando Loco" seemed to be the perfect fit for his business.

Over the past 3 years, NL has been developing ways to help poverty in Colombia. "Our mission is to help improve Children's needs in any way we can. Together, we hope to build a community and work towards a bigger goal."




Hello, my name is Juan Zambrano. I have been employed by Nando Loco since July of 2019. I will be attending Mohawk College starting in September, with Journalism being my career of choice. My passions are writing, film and music. I am bilingual with fluency in both Spanish and English. I am truly honoured to be part of this amazing team, and look forward to contributing to this great cause.

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